Our planet

Our commitment to a healthy planet is reflected in every action we take, from reducing greenhouse gas emissions to making our packaging recyclable or reusable.
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Taking care of our planet — from farm to fork and beyond

We depend on natural resources – they impact our business, farmers and communities, and our ability to feed our growing population.

At General Mills, we collaborate to drive change from partnering with farmers to food production to feeding families. We do this by setting ambitious goals for a pathway to regeneration, so we can do our part as stewards of the planet, its resources and its people.

We support farmers, communities and the health of our planet.

Climate change

We’ve set a goal to reduce our GHG footprint across our value chain by 30% by 2030 and to reach net-zero GHG emission levels by 2050.

Water stewardship

We focus on water use from watershed to production, with efforts to increase efficiency and conservation.

Regenerative agriculture

We work in a manner that regenerates the earth’s resources and are committed to advancing regenerative agriculture on 1 million acres of farmland by 2030. 


We work to reduce the environmental impact of packaging with a commitment to designing 100% recyclable or reusable packaging by 2030.

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